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Resources for Renters 

Whether it’s a house, apartment, duplex or townhouse, renting can have its advantages over purchasing. Here are some resources to help you understand and explore your options for finding affordable rental housing in Virginia.

Renting in Virginia

Rental Search

VirginiaHousingSearch.com can help you find rental housing that fits your needs and budget. Discover available properties across the state.



Renter Rights and Responsibilities

As a renter in Virginia, you have certain rights that protect you and your interests, but you also have responsibilities. Become familiar with what you need to know.



Renter Programs

If you have certain income restraints or need modifications to your rental home, we have programs that can help.




Housing Counselors

A HUD-approved housing counseling agency can help you make the right financial decision and avoid an expensive mistake. The service is free, and counselors can help you decide if you should buy or rent, determine how much you can afford, create a budget and more!


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