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We’re passionate about helping you pull together the financial resources you need to create affordable rental properties and mixed-use/mixed-income developments throughout Virginia.

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Financing Your Rental Property 

  • Bond-Funded Loans
  • Housing Credits
  • Servicing
  • Architecture And Engineering (A&E)
  • Strategic Markets
  • Managing Your Property
  • Multifamily REO Properties

We provide loan origination and underwriting, in-house loan servicing, design and construction reviews, technical assistance, asset management and compliance, legal resources as well as on-site inspections.

Our fixed-rate, long-term financing is tailored to meet individual developer needs, and our loans require no outside bond counsel or credit enhancement.

We specialize in finding just the right type of loan you need. We offer taxable and tax-exempt bond financing. Discover the best option for you.

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit is a federal tax credit that is the single most effective incentive for rehabilitating or constructing new affordable multifamily housing. Learn how housing credits can work for you.

We take care of all your loan servicing needs in-house. Our Loan Servicing department is responsible for payment processing, loan and subsidy accounting, loan collections, escrow and reserve administration, new loan setup and more.

If you are applying for a loan, you will also submit an A&E plan as part of the underwriting process. This plan should include information about the scope of work including civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical plans.

We believe affordable rental housing should be available to everyone. Our Strategic Markets Lending Group can help you finance housing for underserved populations (homeless, disabled and smaller revitalization efforts).

Are you a property manager or an owner? Do you have questions about Asset Management, Compliance Monitoring or program income limits? Do you want to become a Certified Management Agent or learn what to do if your property has an owner or management change? We can help.

Do you want to look at Multifamily REO properties for sale? We can help.

Multifamily Loan Rates

 Faith Linton, Real Estate Devloper in front of flowers and building

I’m passionate about providing more affordable housing in Virginia, and I also believe our children need better access to STEM programs. Buckroe Pointe townhome community in Hampton offers both – residents have a safe, affordable place to call home and children can take advantage of STEM programs offered on-site in the community learning center.’’

- Faith Linton, Henrico County Real Estate Developer of Buckroe Pointe