Virginia Housing will be updating servers, software, and equipment on the weekend of July 20-21.
All systems may be unavailable from 2:00 PM on Saturday until 1:00 PM on Sunday.

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Homeowner Resources

  • New Homeowner’s Guide
  • Manage and Maintain Your Home
  • Struggling to Pay Your Mortgage?
  • Understand Your Escrow Account

You’ll make a mortgage payment every month. Use our portal for easy payments.

Watch this video to learn how to make an online payment.

Learn more about how to be a Virginia Housing homeowner including how to contact our customer service team, your payment options and the entire loan lifecycle.

Ongoing financial management and home maintenance are important for homeowners. Learn more about budgeting and smart financial decisions, as well as how to keep up with home maintenance.

We can help you understand what to do if a financial hardship hits and how our programs may help. Learn more about your options and download the Borrower's Assistance Package.

You will receive an Escrow Analysis Statement ever year. Learn more about your escrow account, the information provided in the analysis statement, and what to do in the event of an overage or shortage in your escrow account.

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Photo of Shawneeqa and her small black poodle in their home

The most important thing I learned from the Virginia Housing class was learning what I was getting myself into, and learning the requirements of homeownership.”

- Shawneeqa, Homeowner