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Virginia Housing can give no assurance that the following information can be used to accurately predict future redemption of bonds by Virginia Housing. For bond redemptions that are scheduled to occur in the future, the bonds to be redeemed have not been defeased, and such redemptions are subject to the availability of moneys to pay the redemption price and accrued interest thereon. For redemption funds held by a trustee pursuant to a general bond resolution, such general bond resolution may, under certain circumstances, require the use of such redemption funds for purposes other than the redemption of bonds. For bonds scheduled to be redeemed under an optional redemption provision, such bonds remain subject to redemption at par prior to the applicable optional redemption date, to the extent otherwise permitted, including for term bonds, from sinking fund installments. Bond redemption information does NOT include information regarding the scheduled redemption of term bonds pursuant to sinking fund installments.



Bond Redemption
MRB Ten-Year-Rule Related Information
  • Ten-Year-Rule for CMB 2012A Issue is 0%
  • Ten-Year-Rule for CMB 2012BC Issue is 0% until December 2022, after which it becomes 100%

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